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About Us

Jamin Pollack, was a brilliant entrepreneur with a strong passion for renewable energy sources, in particularly solar energy. His vast knowledge of the industry allowed him to truly master this field.

Unfortunately many"work-alcoholic" personality types are driven by an underlying need for acceptance and love.


This was exactly the case for Jamin. His success, love for creating things, and helping people medicated his soul to a point, but it still left a void that he needed filled. Several years ago, Jamin started looking to substances to help further fill this void, while maintaining several successful companies. On April 1st 2021 non-controlled street fentanyl claimed the life of this young, caring, driven, individual.


Jammin Solar was created to remember and honor Jamin’s legacy. In doing so we will not only continue to help save the planet by providing renewable energy sources, but our proceeds will go to support

others that struggle with addictions. It is our mission to help raise awareness of the dangers of street fentanyl, while giving those in need tools to heal, so self medicating measures are no longer needed.


In Loving Memory of My Beloved Husband

Haley Pollack Co-Founder

Not a day passes where I don't miss you. Your fur babies keep waiting for you to walk through the door. Your greatness will continue even after you are gone. 

In Loving Memory of my Little Brother

Sage Pollack Co-Founder

I wish so bad that I could have saved you. You will never be forgotten, and your life will not be in vain. Your name and story will save many lives. 

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